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    Rizky Febian (born Rizky Febian Adriansyah Sutisna; May 2, 1993 in Bandung, Indonesia), is an Indonesian singer-songwriter, actor and TV presenter He is the eldest son of the Indonesian comedian Sule. "Kesempurnaan Cinta" is his first single, under the label of NET Mediatama. Rizky Febrian Adriansah Sutisna is the eldest son of a famous comedian who has a name Indonesia Sule (Original Entis Sutisna) and Lina. His name began to rebound and come to fill in some of the events on screen to entertain the audience. Rizky who is familiar greeting, more known to the public after often appeared with his father on the screen. Later Rizky also frequently appeared on several TV programs. Although, he was only 17 years, Rizky have enough talent more than other teenagers her age, it seems that talent down from Sule Sutisna as a comedian and singer. In addition to never make a single song, Rizky also been accompanied Sule become Comedian. Sule as Rizky father always supported his career in the world of singing and comedians. In 2011 along with Sule, his first single titled Papa Phone releases. Then followed by the next song, entitled Smile U Do not Cry together 3 Djanggo, in 2013. The first child of four siblings, has a face that is quite handsome too comical style suple and make it widely known by the younger generation. Read more...

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