ORANGE RANGE, オレンジレンジ, is one of the most popular rock/pop/R&B groups from Okinawa, Japan They were formed in 2001 by NAOTO and KATCHAN. They were soon joined by YOH, HIROKI, RYO (YOH's younger brother), and finally YAMATO. They've released nearly 10 full albums (Including the Remix album Squeezed), 1 mini-album and over 20 singles since 2002. Their second album musiQ was their breakthrough hit, and their single Hana sold over 661,000 copies in less than two months. Their music has also been used in a few anime (Naruto, Bleach, Code Geass R2) and in few TV shows (including the American movie, Fantastic Four), and the film Train Man (電車男). In July 2005, right in the verge of releasing their 12th single, Kizuna, Katchan (founding member and drummer of the band) left the band due to tendinitis in his pinky finger and also because of creative differences. His place has yet to be filled. Their song Ikenai Taiyou was used as an opening theme to japanese hit drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e / Hana Kimi. Read more...

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